LVXWA is an experimental luxury streetwear brand founded by Durag Dev. It first manifested itself during Durag Dev’s first trip to Japan back in 2011, in which he’d become incredibly inspired by Japanese unique, expressive fashion culture and the way the Japanese people appreciated his style and tattoos as well.

Durag Dev’s love for anime and Japanese culture led to his blueprint to reflect a more “galactic punk” vibe with his pieces, combining the edgier aspects of Japanese fashion and universal space energy together to create luxury, high-end streetwear.

Like with the Gucci Durags, Dev has a natural inclination towards bringing adjacent concepts closer together. Fluent in Japanese, the designer combined “luxury” with “wa,” which means “This is.” The title is also a double entendre, as “lux” means “light” in English. “This is light” and “this is luxury” are the staple phrases that define LVXWA.

Durag Dev sees fashion as a form of spiritual expression. He aims to inspire others with hope and light through his work. If he were to describe the feeling of Lvxwa, he would say it is like “being lifted into a beam of light.”


Las Vegas-born designer Durag Dev is the inventor of the famous “Gucci Durag,” which garnered him much attention in the streetwear and high fashion space from celebrities like Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky.

Since Durag Dev moved into designing merch for artists including Ski Mask the Slump God and XXXTentacion, it naturally led him to developing a clothing print, LVXWA SKIN, inspired by his tattoos. His biggest break came when Billie Eilish took note of his work, commissioning him for more designs shortly afterwards. Eilish is the reason Durag Dev specializes in uniform outfits today.

From year 2019 to 2021, Durag Dev expanded his brand from California to Japan and Korea, and earned a lot of attention from celebrities, buyers and brands. Dozens of collaborations and events happened during these years, including collaboration with the famous rapper Reddy in Korea, and collaboration with the top boutique GR-8 in Japan.